It’s under the pseudonym of Breynnner that Ricardo Teixeira decided to intervene in the world of music through heavy doses of electronic sounds, a lot of technique, knowledge of notes and the best, hearing feeling. The young Portuguese is born in ’94, in the rural area of Porto. After enjoying electronic music more and more beyond the school, he became collector of…[Read More]

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  1. radio says:

    • Tracklisting •

    • Ilario Alicante – Zenith
    • A.Paul – Reflexion
    • Keith Carnal – Racidence
    • Keith Carnal – Onwards
    • Gemini Voice Archive-Absoluto Disparate
    • Juan Sanchez – Exceed (Flug Remix)
    • Niereich – Babylon
    • KVD – Runner
    • Re_Fund – Addiction
    • Agron – N420Y
    • Guidewire – Strong AI
    • Dax J- Understate
    • Psyk – Eclipse
    • Ben Klock – Subzero
    • Bjarki – I Wanna Go Bang
    • 2000 And One – Spunk The Funk
    • Marco Bailey – Tunnel Express
    • Oscar Mulero – Misophonia

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