C.7EVEN  (GER)  

Anyone who approaches Techno music with intelligence and finesse is exactly in the right place with C.7even, because the young Frankfurt-native has her craft down to a tee. She found her way into electronic music back in 2009, shaped by many musical genres. Contrary to many others, her style is constantly evolving and driven by the passion to constantly reinvent herself.Groovy-melodic, mystic- hypnotic…[Read More]

Download Emission#292

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  1. radio says:

    • Tracklisting •

    • Easy Morph – Faction (Original Mix)
    • Gareth Wild – Duster (UVB Dusted Remix)
    • Marla Singer – OOO (Original Mix)
    • Mattias Fridell – Their Infrangible Ideals
    • ø [Phase] – Tunnel Vision (Original Mix)
    • Sime – M33 5 (Original Mix)
    • S:VT – Subterranean Realm (Henning Baer Remix)
    • S:VT – Teach You (Desire Part 2)
    • Gareth Wild – Duster VIP (Original Mix)
    • Gareth Wild – MSK (Original Mix)
    • Shebuzzz – Unicorn Dub (Antonio Acid Remix)
    • Alderaan – Hyperspace (Original Mix)
    • Iori / Reggy Van Oers – Terta (Original Mix)
    • Dorian Gary – Frames Of Light (Original Mix)
    • Cleric – Restore (Original Mix)
    • CW/A – Day Of Riddance (Dario Zenker Remix)
    • MTD – Stormclap (Original Mix)
    • MTD – Dreamers (Original Mix)
    • The Plant Worker – Rectel (Original Mix)
    • Uncode – Monoculture (Original Mix)
    • Kuroi – Dena (Original Mix)
    • Wrong Assessment, Max_M – Toe Tag (Original Mix)
    • Max_M – Nose Out (Original Mix)
    • Luigi Tozzi – Wadjet (Original Mix)
    • Ness – Uchronia (Original Mix)

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