Kontravolt, is a DJ and a producer from BIH. He was born in Sarajevo in 1991, but due war, he was forced to move with his family to this small north-eastern town in 1995. His DJ carrer officially began at the age of 19 when his sets started broadcasting on a most popular bosnian radio Bobar. Since he lived in a rural area he was exposed to lots of commercial, non-artistic music but stayed unchanged and  kept his controversial musical style and his love for techno never faded. To him, techno is a OST…[Read More] 

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CONCRETE DJZ  _  Armatura Records / Mastertraxx (SRB)  

Another year is behind us and we take this moment to thank you all, our listeners, who give us energy to continue our work, and to all artists for contributing to this podcast series. We would like to also say thank you to the radio stations that support us. Next year we continue in same pace, providing for you exclusive podcasts weekly. Have a blasting 2016. and as a present we have a 3 hour special by show hosts. See you next year…   :-)

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PETAR LAZOVIĆ  _  Offbeat Kragujevac (SRB)  

Result of once flourishing Kragujevac city clubbning. For past 12 years Petar Lazovic is soaking knowledge in local clubs performing his sets in most unusual combinations, focused on the main thing in dj story, fun! Momentary pressure of energy and euphoia are most certainly caracteristical for his appearances.…[Read More]

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